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for your company

Tagging specific customer needs

Through extensive familiarization with your industry and problem areas, we are able to develope applications adapt flexibly to your needs.

Intelligent integration of existing structures

Our bespoke products integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. We take over your existing data and process it further.


Right from the start you are involved in the development process and thus always have an overview of the current state of development and its progress.

How we work


Identification of all essential critical factors of success and requirements on the application from the perspective of the company`s management, decision makers and users.


Synchronization of the demands of entrepreneurs and users alike. This usually ensures a high level of acceptance among the users and reduces reservations about the innovation..



After a short time, you will receive a prototype, so that you can quickly get a first impression and co-develop. Optimized processes and reliable applications with high acceptance are the result.


Our Business Areas

Clever solutions for the retail
  • Inventory control
  • Targeted assortment management for greater customer success
  • Generate tailored order proposals

Comprehensive solutions for the logistics industry
  • Goods transport
  • Monitoring of cold chains
  • also suitable for yacht & caravan
  • etc.

Individual Programming
  • Special programming
  • Interface programming and integration
    of your existing infrastructure
  • Individualization of all products

Smart Security Solutions
  • Personal alarm
  • Lone worker protection
  • Cargo security
  • etc.

The business segments result from our previous experience and close cooperation with our clients. We listen and do not stop. This permanent dialogue results in a wide range of interesting approaches for the further expansion of our offer. Stay tuned!

Just-in-time solutions for the
automotive sector
  • Control of transnational supply chain processes
  • Real-time control of loading and unloading operations
  • etc.

The Team

The owner of tab2mind, Reno Krohmann, has more than 10 years experience as Head of Product Development „Mobile Applications“. 

Our team consists of senior experienced specialists in the fields of:

  • Software development
  • Server administration
  • International sales
  • Supply chain management
  • Product management
  • Quality management
  • Market compliance
  • Tax & finance
  • HR management

Your Benefits

Deep incorporation into your company workflows
  • costumer centered adivce
  • high grade process optimizing
Hands-on approach by senior experts of our team
  • faster product development
  • lower costs
Early involvment of users
  • Higher acceptance of the product to be developed
  • low support requirement


Digital Congress „solutions.hamburg 2017“

Reno Krohmann was invited as spellbinder on the subject of „digitalization in logistics“.